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Decorative Concrete Council 2016 Project Awards

The Decorative Concrete Council is made up decorative concrete contractors and manufacturers who are members of the American Society of Concrete Contractors, and focuses on networking and education.

The Decorative Concrete Council (DCC), a specialty council of the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC), is the only professional organization dedicated to focusing on the issues and work of the decorative concrete industry.  Since 2011, on an annual basis, it has held an awards contest intended to recognize the nation's best work in decorative concrete, in approximately nine different categories, awarding a first and, sometimes, second place.

We won second place in the DCC's 2016 Project Awards, in the category of "Overlays Less Than 1/4" and Under 5,000 Square Feet".  Our winning project was a 3/16" spray texture overlay of a 1,350-square-foot exterior residential pool deck in a custom homes subdivision in Rochester Hills, Michigan.  The existing concrete, prior to the start of the project, was divided into numerous small sectons by an excess of control joints.  We incorporated those many joints into a large, colorful, overall repeating tile pattern that concealed the original joints.

You can read about this project at  here and here .

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Concrete Decor Magazine's 2010 "Concrete Restoration"

Concrete Decor, the Journal of Decorative Concrete, is the nation's leading magazine for stories and information about decorative concrete..

Concrete Decor Magazine holds an annual awards program called "Concrete Restoration Contest", intended to display the best decorative concrete projects nationwide arising from the restoration and renewal of old, deteriorating, or previously treated concrete.  We won this contest for the second time in March 2010. 

     For our winning project, we removed several layers of carpet glue and tile adhesive, via mechanical grinding, from a 2,650 square foot interior retail floor, performed  numerous structural concrete and crack repairs, then installed an acid-stained cement overlay scored into large rectangular tiles, intended to make the overall floor look like travertine stone. 

     The store, Soccer Madness, in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, has been extremely successful in what has been its first five years now, and is a great example of how acid stained concrete flooring can help bring vitality and other beneficial elements of "Feng Shui" design into a busy retail business.

          See this project and read the article at Concrete Decor's web site here.

 You can also see a copy of the print version of the article here

Concrete Decor Magazine's 2006 "Concrete Restoration"

Concrete Decor is published eight times per year and covers countertops, polished concrete, stained concrete, contractors, training, concrete homes, and decorative concrete products.

Concrete Decor Magazine began its annual Concrete Restoration Contest in 2006.  We won first prize for this first contest, in the Interior category.  Our winning project entailed the mechanical removal of a failed, and unsightly, cement overlay from an interior pool patio.  Once removed, we repaired the existing concrete slab, and installed a new, acid stained, stamped concrete overlay, with a stenciled border, using products and tools from over twenty companies in the process. 

This project has held up very well over the past eight years, despite the active environment and constant use of harsh pool chemicals, and needs no further attention, except for light cleaning every several months.

Read about this project at Concrete Decor's web site here.

You can also see a copy of the print version here :   Page  1   2   3


Concrete Decor Magazine's 2003 "Cutting Pictures in Concrete"

Concrete Decor, the Journal of Decorative Concrete, is the nation's leading magazine for stories and information about decorative concrete.

Concrete Decor Magazine used to hold an annual contest called "Cutting Pictures in Concrete With Diamonds", sponsored by the NED-KUT Corporation and Diamond Products.  It was meant to display the creativity and quality attainable in reproducing images, logos, and designs on concrete floors, through the concrete engraving process.  We won Honorable Mention in 2003, and our work was featured in an article in the August/September 2003 issue. 

Our project was a 2,000 square foot acid stained concrete floor with concrete engraving in an Irish Pub restaurant in Farmington, Hills, Michigan, called "Cowley & Sons".  We reproduced a number of traditional Celtic designs and patterns aimed at amplifying the ambience of this popular restaurant, through the use of a variety of concrete engraving tools from the Engrave-A-Crete company.

Read about this project at Concrete Decor's web site here.

You can also see a copy of the print version of the article here .


American Painting Contractor 2002 TOP JOB Awards

APC Magazine is the pre-eminent educational and business resource for today's painting contractor.  It's been around for over 90 years.

American Painting Contractor Magazine holds an annual industry contest called "TOP JOBS" sponsored by the Zinsser Company intended to single out and honor the best painting projects in four categories:  residential; commercial; decorative painting; and paperhanging.  We won Honorable Mention in the residential category, in 2003, and were featured with an article in the May 2003 issue. 

Our project was a faux finished basement concrete floor, created using acid stains, water-based concrete stains, and paint.  We used various artistic and concrete staining techniques to reproduce a very natural looking flagstone floor, after removing tile and adhesive from what was a 55-year old concrete slab with moisture problems.  The moisture problems were first remedied with the installation of drain tile, and use of dehumidification equipment.


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