This is an old concrete foundation, in a conference room adjoining the Camtrade offices.  The owner wanted to see if it could be finished as an extension to the acid-stained concrete in the office area.
     The concrete was stable but in extremely poor condition.  We patched it, repaired the cracks, filled the construction joints (above left), and then resurfaced it with new cement (above right).
      Because cement overlays are much more sensitive to acid stain than normal concrete, we started with blue cement to simplify the process - first, a resurfacer (above left), then, a microtopping (above right).
     Next, we used the same three colors of acid stain that were used in the adjoining room - gold, brown, and reddish brown - to apply accents and highlights over the blue base.
     We then applied a clear, water-based epoxy sealer to bring out the color and protect the surface, followed by a gloss, acrylic floor finish to aid in maintenance.
     While not a perfect match to the other floor, it turned out to be a great complement, as can be seen by our work (below) on the entry area to the conference room.
     To create a stylish transition between rooms, we saw-cut a small section in the office area and then extended the cement overlay from the conference room.