This is a faux flagstone design done with Scofield Lithochrome Chemstain on existing concrete after the removal of black "cutback" tile adhesive.  The rock pattern was first drawn out on the floor using soapstone.  Then the grout was painted in, using a water-based acrylic stain, and sealed with a water-based acrylic sealer to protect it during the staining of the rocks.  The rocks were then stained individually, each one layered with different shades of acid stain to give them "natural" coloring.  This beautiful floor was "stolen" by two different contractors, and placed on their web site without permission.  These two contractors are:  Ryan Seckler of Innovative Concrete Surfaces, in Bradenton, Florida; and Jarred Griffin of Concrete Designs of Acadiana, LLC, of Lafayette, Louisiana.  For more information, see this page of our site.




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