This is the shopping area of a 3,000 sq. ft. soccer-themed retail sporting goods store.  The top photos show the floor just prior to the beginning of work.  That may look like gray concrete, but it's actually 1/4" of sticky yellow carpet glue covered with black dryfall paint from spraying the ceiling.  A walk-behind grinder (above right) and two different sets of diamond cutting pads were used to remove it.  The photo at bottom left shows the clean concrete left from grinding.  Still unsuitable for staining, though, it was resurfaced with a thin, white cement overlay (bottom right).  Saw-cuts were added for accenting.


     Next (above left), is the cement overlay after staining and during the sealing process.  A water-based epoxy (Decopoxy) and urethane (PolyBright) from Decosup were used because they have no odor and would not be offensive to neighboring tenants in the shopping plaza.  They also provide the high durability and gloss required for a retail environment.  The acid stain used was a custom mix of Scofield's Antique Amber (gold) and Dark Walnut (brown).  These two colors are highlighted in the next four photos of the finished floor.  The sealed floor was given four coats of Spartan's On 'n On floor finish for added protection and maintenance.


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