Decorative Concrete Flooring

Faux-Finished Acid-Stained Basement Concrete Floor

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Premier Veneers is a Detroit and Chicago area installer of decorative concrete flooring. We specialize in acid-stained concrete flooring and cement overlays for home and business. Our concrete staining techniques provide a refined, elegant look that simulates marble, granite, slate and other forms of natural stone, and can be tailored through the use of multiple colors, designs and borders to best enhance living and working environments.

A "veneer" is a thin layer of an artificial material used to conceal a more common, genuine material, and present a deceptively attractive, outward finished appearance. That is what we do:  take plain, gray, new concrete, and previously treated or damaged existing concrete, and uses concrete coloring materials, like acid stains, and repair materials, like mortars, grouts, and cement overlays, to transform ordinary concrete slabs into "premier" works of art and craftsmanship.

Decorative concrete is durable, easy to maintain, allergen free, and one of the most stylish trends in flooring today. Add in its affordability, and you have the perfect complement for finished basements, backyard patios and pool decks, restaurants, building lobbies, and indoor retail and commercial settings.  The use of acid-stained concrete flooring is also eco-friendly and fosters the process of  "LEED Green Building".  We use only the best and safest, VOC-compliant materials on the market.  We are certified, licensed and insured and have been in business for 17 years. Believe us when we say, there is no one in the Detroit or Chicago area that knows more than we do about concrete repair, renovation, design and beautification .  See all of our Qualifications here.

NEW 2017:  We now offer Concrete Countertops.  We can install a cement overlay over any existing countertop - no need to tear out your existing countertop.  Integrally colored, acid-stained or metallic epoxy.

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     This web site contains a great deal of helpful information about decorative concrete flooring. Take a look around, and then call our main office at (248) 247-0288 with questions, or for a free preliminary estimate.  You can also read articles about our award-winning work in decorative concrete here .

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