This is a stenciled concrete overlay of a retaining wall of a residential driveway.  The pattern of the overlay was chosen from Artcrete stencils to complement the home's limestone block foundation.  Above shows the condition of the wall before the project.
     The next two photos (above) show the beginning of the surface preparation.  The retaining wall was pressure washed and acid-etched.  The metal form ties were then chiseled and cut back with a grinder, and coated with (blue) primer to prevent rusting.
     Next, the holes were patched (above left), and a skim coat of cement was sprayed on with a hopper gun (above right).  The overlay was color-matched to the existing limestone block (right side of photos) in the foundation of the house.
     With the skim coat in place, the (brown) cardboard stencil was then applied to the wall using a clear spray adhesive (above left), and more cement of the same color was then sprayed over the stencil (above right) to impart the pattern permanently on the wall.
     Once the cement had dried for about eight hours, the cardboard stencil was carefully pulled off of the wall, and the overlay was sealed with a natural look, silane sealer from Prosoco to protect it from water, oil, dirt, and other contaminants.  The black circles in the wall are for decorative lighting to be installed.
     Above is a before and after view of the retaining wall on the other side of the driveway.
     The next two photos above show the project before and after, looking down the driveway toward the street.
     The next two photos (above) show before and after, looking down the driveway from the street.  And the last two photos (below) show final views of other sections of the retaining wall, including a large area next to a stairway leading to the side door of the home.